Our FloArticle of the Week 11/26

Ed note: Every week on the bastion of track and field coverage known as “Flotrack” articles get posted every day, and with so many to choose from, it gets really hard to pick a favorite. Luckily, we’ve got the services of DumbFloSorority to help us sort through the wreckage and pick their favorite. So without further ado…

There was really a lot to pick from this week, from another 6 beer mile articles, to David Torrance showing off something called a “Haka” (sp?), to some coverage of nationals when they got around to it. Our favorite article this week was the FloRunner of the Week, a recurring article so popular, they hadn’t posted a new one in three weeks. With the national championship occurring this week, it’s a really awesome opportunity to highlight runners who gave their all during the meet and maybe to highlight lesser known stories.

Taylor Dutch starts us off with her choice of Kate Avery, which really must’ve taken Taylor a long time to come around to. I imagine her not really coming prepared, looking at the results, and just saying the first name she saw. After being told that “Branch Sports Tech” isn’t actually a person, she then found Kate Avery. Now in case you haven’t ever heard of Kate Avery and/or live under a big dumb rock, Kate Avery was the winner of the women’s race in Terre Haute. Taylor does a pretty good job explaining this fact, although to be fair simply saying “Kate Avery won the race” would have been fine. But that’s just us.

So that could be the article, plain and simple. It puts enough coverage and recognition of Avery’s accomplishment while not boring the reader to death. But the problem is, there are quite a few staff members of flotrack who didn’t get any recognition in this article, and that simply will not do. Let’s give the rest of the “writers” a chance to write a slightly smaller blurb about whatever the hell they want to talk about.

Lincoln starts us off with his pick, Luis Vargas of Elon, and the longest sentence I’ve ever read in my life. He touches on Luis not only being the first member of his family to go to college, but also the first Elon runner to earn All-America honors. Wow, that’s really cool. But wait, what’s this?! He is friends with Jimmy Stevenson, employee of Milesplit? SHUT UP. THATS AMAZING.

Gordon picked Nate Jewkes, the 7th year senior out of Southern Utah, who gave Gordon’s life meaning by acknowledging the fact that Gordon was holding a camera. This was a really cool moment for Gordon and while it won’t show up on the results sheet, was the most important thing that Gordon thought happened that day.

Meh Bellino chose Madison Zimmerman and Kate Buckman, which to be fair was probably the coolest moment to happen at the meet. The selflessness of those athletes exhibited everything that competition should be about. This would be a great story if the lack of editing didn’t get in the way of this article. That last sentence hurt to read, but again, you don’t receive millions of dollars in funding to improve the quality of your writing, but to improve the quality of your music videos. Cause that’s what people come to Flotrack for, inflating Meg’s ego.

Joe. Sweetheart. Honey. Sugar. A week ago, you dill weeds were saying Cheserek was vulnerable, beatable, and set to be upset. But there was a voice in the darkness that said “hey, maybe this is just him playing a trick.” Do you know who that was? I do. It was us. In our nationals preview. You know who else said that? You, a week later. You guys don’t need to acknowledge our articles or respond to our tweets, but in line citations are the basis of any freshman English class. Easybib.com will be able to help in the future.

James, I’m not gonna get to far into this. But my favorite part of his pick was that he reminds us that he doubted Stanford’s ability to perform as NCAA’s, which is especially important, given that his opinion matters somewhere. Maksim finished 4th, which honestly was going to happen if he was with Stanford or not. The dude is a graduate transfer from Harvard and finished 3rd last year. What is surprising about him finishing 4th this year? Why would you doubt his ability to run well here? I think this is part of a long line of Flotrack ignoring Stanford. It’s not really a surprise. Remember when they were shocked that two Stanford runners crossed the line at their invite holding hands earlier this year? Not that they’d remember the 2010 Stanford Invite when it happened, but hell if they really cared about what happened at Stanford Invite, they wouldn’t quite be Flotrack.

So that’s it for our FloArticle of the week coverage. It may not have the BuzzFeed quality of a Flotrack article, but at least it was all our own


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