Ncaa xc preview

well ncaa’s is this weekend and we bet you’re sitting around trying to figure out who is going to the ones winning an ncaa world championship in terre haute this weekend which is why you’ve coming crawling here to find out.

Well amigo you’re in luck cause we’re never wrong.


Young chezzy took it easy at regionals and took second which has everybody freaking out because they think this means young chezzy is beatable. Ummmmmmm let’s think about that again. You ever consider that young chezzy is the Taylor swift of ncaa XC? You ever think that maybe he has evolved as a showman and that he threw regionals to build up hype? No one is going to watch an ncaa XC meet where we know the winner ahead of time, mostly because nobody is going to watch an NCAA XC meet anyways. But that’s besides the point. Maybe young chezzy realizes that if he makes it seem like there’s actually a race at nncaa’s it will be more impressive when he wins by a half mile.

On on the team race its a pretty similar story except this time it’s rhe Colorado men who are the havy favorites. You may be wondering why they’re the heavy favorites. You may have avoided all coverage of cross country this season. That’s okay though, we’re going to get you caught up. Think of a meet, any meet. There’s a 80 percent chance Colorado won it. That’s why they’re the favorites. To be honest, most men’s teams are just there to pick up their participant medal and get a picture with their mustache.


We could do the easy thing here, say emma bates is the favorite, talk about how great of a season she’s had, but that’s not our style. Emma’s pretty talented IMO but to be honest when Shelby houlihan showed up her chances at winning nationals disappeared faster than “arizona track and field” disappeared from Meg bellino’s Twitter bio. This is shelby’s race to lose, and barring anything crazy, she’s going to win. The only thing up in the air is the headline for when she wins. Here’s a few ideas: HOU DONE IT. HOU’S ON FIRST. RUNNING WITH THE SUN DEVIL. HOULIHANDILY WON. SHELBY BACK. SHELBY HOULIHAN WINS NCAA XC CHAMPIONSHIP. all of those are really good ideas and pretty clever. Any of them would work well in your tweet or newspaper.

On the team side, it’s hard to not pick the women of Michigan. Not Michigan state, but university of Michigan. Think about it. Who wins NCAA championships? Usually it’s the team you never thought of. Like last year when some team named “providential” (sp?) won the national title. Like who the hell had ever heard of the, before the meet? Not me said I. Yeah Michigan is down, yeah they barely made nationals, yeah their hype train went snowpiercer after prenats, but don’t rule them out. Terre haute isn’t a great place to run, but neither is Ann arbor. They could get a great pre race speech and come out and shock the world. You never know with these things.

if Michigan doesn’t win though, expect it to be a team like oregon to show up and make the meet not fun for everyone.

If you don’t think we’re right or have a problem with what we said, check your ego at the door because this isn’t about you.


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