Top 25 for HerS

1. Toledo – they’ve been the homies on Twitter so we gotta give them a shoutout. That being said, being from Toledo and having rockets as your mascot is pretty badass so we gotta give it to them.

2. Arizona – they’re the most recent losers of a national title and until someone else loses a national title, this is their spot to lose.

3. Michigan state – they’re the latest darlings of flotrack so look for them to blow it in the coming weeks

4. Great Oak – density Collins is probably gonna win nxn and that’s pretty neat.

5. Georgetown – traditionally a Cinderella when it comes to march madness, gotta be pretty hard to run in glass slippers if u ask me but I dunno



6. Colorado – I’ve heard a rumor that if they win it all, wetmore will let them braid his hair. Just a rumor. Don’t quote me on it.

10. Michigan – I just wanna take this time to apologize to Michigan for saying there’s no one left on their bandwagon after prenats, but just because the meets named after prefontaine, doesn’t mean you need to choke away the win

Ii. Arkansas – there’s no reason to rank them any lower than this, but couldn’t think of a reason to rank them much higher.

12. Virginia – this schools got an honor code like BYU but it’s chill u can still drink a bunch of soda they don’t even care.

13. Vanderbilt- they’re called the stanford of the south, but I don’t see them dodging competition at their invite so who the hell knows where that nickname came from

14. Washington – this is so dumb, I’m tired of ranking teams.

15. North Carolina – sure.

19. Oregon – alexi pappas is the Zooey deschanel of track and field cause she’s just so darn quirky sometimes

Twenty . Arizona state – when I was in high school asu was named the hottest campus in the country and all my friends were like yeah we’re gonna go to Arizona state and hang with babes and then they were like holy crap why does anyone live in the state of Arizona and transferred to UCSB.

23. Bae-lor. And I can’t wait till flotrack steals that from us too.

24. Florida State- it’s gotta be weird to go to Florida state and realize that no matter how dumb Jameis Winston is, his degree counts just as much as yours.


15. Boise State – bold move to hold Emma bates out of mt sac but we’re sure that she’s got some other races planned coming up.

27. Cal – jk. 27 is New Mexico.

28. Syracuse – because honestly what your guys team did was worth more than whatever ranking they got

29. Girls Talking About How They Need To Believe In Themselves Right Now When Really What They Should Do Is Trained More Over Summer So This Wouldn’t Have Happened

30. My coworker Janet- she just finished her first 5k!!!!!!!!!! We’re all so proud of u janny pants!!!!!!!


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