DumbFlotrack Holiday Gift Guide 2015

I hate shopping. I hate going to the mall. I hate standing in lines. I hate trying to pick the *perfect* present for my family and loved ones. I hate pretending to look at the tile as I walk past Victoria’s Secret. I hate going to Target for a video game and walking out with a bath mat, peanut butter, pens, strawberry fruit snacks, and no video game. I hate when there’s a line at Auntie Anne’s and I gotta go to Wetzel’s Pretzels and settle for an inferior snack.
I’m sure I’m not alone on many of those points, especially that last one. I know I’m not the easiest to get along with sometimes, but you all have done an okay job putting up with this schtick for quite awhile. For that reason, I’m going to help make your lives easier this holiday season by helping you find the right gift for the runner in your life.

1) Nike Flex Run 2015 – $80

The perfect running shoe for the individual who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on running shoes and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pair of Skechers.
2) Nike Oregon Project Tee – $35

The perfect gift for the person in your life who still wears a Livestrong wristband and thinks that people were too quick to rush to judgement on that Voldermort fellow.
3) FitBit Charge Activity Tracker – $99.99

For the person in your life that used a training plan for their first Color Run and now views themselves as “about a good 2 or 3 years away” from tackling a marathon. They also think that a marathon is any race 10k and over.
4) McFarland, USA DVD – $19.96

For the Cross Country fan who’s never seen and never will see a cross country race in their lifetime. Or heard of Google.


5) FloPro Subscription – $150, Billed Annually


The perfect gift for the grandparent who has always wanted to watch the two meets you run in that Flotrack streams each year, but also has a strong burning desire to have Riley Masters teach them about long term goal setting. You may say “what kind of long term goal would an 87 year old woman from Avon, OH set?” Oh I don’t know, maybe “not dying”? Thanks Riley, you just saved an old woman’s life and also, Christmas. Maybe there’s some Beauty in that Beast.


6) Picky Bars – $27.50


For the runner in your life that has looked at those bird seed bars in parrot cages and thought “yeah, I’d pay money to eat that.”


7) BOA Galaxy Print Short – $27.95


The best way to let your teammate know his ass is out of this world.


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